OpenCLM helps you to capture quickly and easily what depends on what and what the impact of a certain event is. It supports you with information and graphical overviews to easily get what you need. To do this, OpenCLM simply evaluates the digital threads it generates, filters for the information you are currently interested in, and presents the result to you in clear graphs.

The value of being able to capture and evaluate dependencies across domains cannot be overstated. For example, with OpenCLM you can quickly query in which products a particular component is part of. Or which requirements a component has to fulfill. Or who the people are who need to be informed when a requirement changes. Or whether all the requirements have been met when an approval is to be granted. For these and many other cases, OpenCLM simply provides quick answers.

As the project manager you can

  • graphically track your project, its interrelationships, and statuses
  • assess the impact of changes, for example
  • quickly query the projects or products affected by defects
  • communicate changes easily to those who need to know
  • visualize only what you are currently interested in

As an engineer you can

  • easily see what you should use and consider for your work
  • directly access information you need
  • inform yourself about the status of work you are depending on
  • find out when requirements change that affect you
  • save time by reusing the results of others

As a quality manager you get

  • information that you should take action
  • direct access to all the information you need for your work
  • an overview of the information provided, dependencies and statuses
  • the possibility to control releases via a single interface