No matter what your role is, OpenCLM helps you to easily keep a clear overview across domains – including graphical presentations.

You can see where and what needs to be done, what is already done, and where you can save time due to the reuse of already existing information. OpenCLM gives you the ability to snapshot and freeze the information of relevance for you at any time. And you can generate status reports by one click.

With OpenCLM you can define projects – from scratch, by copying from existing ones, via process templates or neutral exchange formats. You can describe tasks and milestones, define responsible persons, coordinate the deliverables with suppliers and inform the involved people specifically, e.g. about changes.

OpenCLM always gives you the choice and supports you. You can get overall information, as well as details about specific phases, tasks, milestones, deliverables, and more.

As the project manager you can

  • assign tasks across domains
  • track the current status of tasks via dashboards
  • define processes through easy-to-adapt templates
  • thus also ensure compliance
  • easily generate up-to-date status reports, based on real data
  • access what you need via one interface

As an engineer you can

  • inform yourself about what needs to be done
  • directly access what you need
  • specifically look up what needs to be considered
  • forget about tedious documentation tasks
  • save time and reuse information already existing
  • get notes when changes occur that affect you
  • create status reports automatically

As a quality manager you get

  • everything you need in one interface
  • an overview of interrelationships and responsibilities
  • the possibility to steer releases via one interface