OpenCLM notifies you of changes that affect your work, and also gives you the ability to notify the people who will be affected by a change you make. And it does all this easily and across domains. 

Every artifact in OpenCLM has an owner, and everyone who uses an artifact for their work is also recorded. If something changes, you will be informed. You can decide for yourself whether the change is relevant to you, and you can also see who you need to coordinate with. You can also check in advance who, and which project etc. would be affected by a change, estimate the effort and risks associated with the change, and inform the relevant people. Blind work and unnecessary costs are thus avoided.

As the project manager you can

  • quickly inform those about changes that are affect
  • evaluate the affected projects and estimate risks and efforts before a change is made
  • take into account the changes of others
  • be sure that e.g. safety-relevant changes are taken into account
  • be sure that work is done on valid and released information

As an engineer you can

  • take changes into account, because I am informed
  • coordinate changes with those affected in advance
  • avoid unnecessary blind work and costs

As a quality manager you get

  • check that work has been carried out only to valid and released information
  • inform about changes easily and across domains