Working together is multifaceted. OpenCLM offers you the possibility to coordinate with others in a targeted manner and to exchange information and statuses - whether directly or via standardized formats.

With OpenCLM, you can define responsibilities, tasks, and milestones and communicate them to everyone involved. You will know what needs to be done and by when. If there is a change that affects you, you will get a message. And for your work, you get everything you need for the job through just one interface.

In addition to the online access, OpenCLM also provides the ability to exchange information via standardized formats. This creates a smooth communication across organizational and company boundaries.

As the project manager you can

  • communicate tasks, milestones, and changes
  • track status and send messages via your dashboard
  • integrate suppliers via data exchange formats as if they were part of your organization

As an engineer you can

  • view tasks and changes through your dashboard
  • receive and send messages
  • request approvals across domains

As a quality manager you get

  • all the information you need in one interface
  • quickly access to the distributed information
  • possibilities to release distributed information