Time and again, you need the ability to save information that is important to you. Be it because you want to save the status at a reporting date. Be it that you want to make a copy of what you sent out for approval or what you communicated with an order to a supplier. Or you want to freeze the status at the end of the project, with all results, decisions, approvals, and resolutions.

OpenCLM simply provides the ability to draw baselines for these and other use cases. This way you secure a copy of the information distributed across domains, their relationships and status, etc. You secure what is important to you.

As the project manager you can

  • secure what you need for project management
  • create points of reference and shape cooperation in a binding manner
  • actively design verification
  • support approval processes

As an engineer you can

  • can secure your work status
  • get binding infomation

As a quality manager you get

  • freeze released statuses across domains
  • ensure verification
  • support traceability